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Hearthstone gold Hack is a game in the form of a book that was first published in 1982. The concept of the book of this game assumes a mix of novels and role playing. To play a series of Hearthstone gold Hack is you need a paper to record the changes in the status of the characters you along the story continues, besides that you must also reverse this book


and leaping from a sheet of to another sheet for the decision that you create have different effects. The exclamation point enough to a gamebook 1982 not?

but now you do not need to open the book with hundreds of sheets because Tin Man Games already makes the iOS version and Android you. Hearthstone Gold Hack House of Favorite tells about a person who is trapped rainstorm and experience a car accident so that you would be forced to search for the nearest house to take refuge and seek assistance.

But Therein lies the story of the House of Favorite started because the house that you are entering is a house full of mysteries, ghosts, and also a very evil man. But you will also find it after some time because the master of the house initially will be good enough until he finally members you pass the food he offers. You will wake up and here the game you will start because you will start to decide what action you and receive the consequences.

These decisions can be in the form of the door where you want to open the whether you want to open a chest that looks very suspicious, help a female ghost seen suffered until decided to flee or fight when you see a ghost. The choice you will also determine the narrative and open several branches new story, e.g. if you choose to browse specific rooms, and you will find a note contains a name of women. Later you will meet a ghost which will help you, but he will be asked if you know his name or not.

Uniquely is the way the story in the House of Favorite always forward, so assume in the case example above you do not know the name of the female ghost story will still continues, you do not have the obligation to return browse and search for note. The characters you will have four main statuses namely stamina, fear, skill, and luck. Stamina and fear the concept is similar to the HP, but stamina will be depleted when you against a ghost or fall while fear will be reduced when you fear saw a ghost that suddenly appears.

besides the status of you can also collect various objects and weapons during the journey; this item will be automatically saved in the inventory you and can not be used directly. You must find a new specific events that item can be used. Sometimes you must fight with either people or ghosts, the system its struggle itself using the rolls dice where you and the enemy will each throw two dice. Who has the most numbers he will attack with some attack rolls dice.

As you can see the Hearthstone gold Fantasy House of Favorite using the presentation in the form of books with some pictures as early release chapter exactly a novel. To take a decision you just tap on the screen when the choice appears. About the save point, Hearthstone gold Fantasy House of Favorite numbered good enough because you can give a bookmark without borders which means that you can save each of you take a decision and back again if you do not like the result.

Overall Hearthstone gold Hack : House of this Favorite numbered solid and just fun. Play games with this genre are also quite fun in the middle of the pounding 3D games and an endless runner. But one of the disadvantages of the game is the price which is quite expensive, but remember this is a unique game with a story that can make you goose bumps then I still say worth to play.